Ankara University Faculty of Educational Sciences was established on March 31, 1964 with the aim of “educate specialists of educational sciences with an effort to meet the need in the country”. Being the first faculty of education in the country, our faculty launched teaching in the academic year 1965-1966 with 109 undergraduate students and had its first graduates in 1969.

Following the transformation of 2- or 3-year teacher education institutes affiliated to the Ministry of National Education into “Faculties of Education” affiliated to universities under the Law No. 2547 of 1982, the name of our faculty was changed as “Faculty of Educational Sciences” to emphasize its difference from other faculties in terms of its founding goals.

Our faculty celebrates March 3, which marks the enactment of the Law on Unification of Education, as its anniversary.

Our faculty educates teachers, specialists and academics to meet the requirements of the field of education through offering various undergraduate and graduate programs, and carries out pioneering research projects that contribute to the development of the field of education.

Department of Curriculum and Instruction