Prof .Dr Kirsti Klette has been a full Professor of Classroom Studies / Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Oslo since 2002. Professor Klette is the Director of the Research group Studies of Instruction across Subjects and Competences (SISCO) at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, she is the leader of the TeachingLearningVideoLab Oslo and she is the newly appointed director of the Nordic Centre of Excellence in Education Quality in Nordic Teaching (QUINT) with a special responsibility for video documentation / comparative classroom studies, see

Her areas of research is teaching and learning in classrooms/ video documentation of classroom learning/ how to measure instructional quality, and teacher education. Klette has received major grants for national and comparative studies in these areas of research, including a recently national and Nordic funding focusing on Linking Instruction and Student Achievement (LISA study). She is also the principal investigator of a large comparative cross national study analysing teacher training programs in five Finland, Norway; California, Chile and Cuba - the Coherence and Assignments in Teacher Education – CATE study, see