Dr. Nurdan Kalaycı completed her undergraduate and master education at the department of Curriculum and Instruction at Ankara University Faculty of Educational Sciences. For doctoral education, she studied at the department of Curriculum and Instruction at Hacettepe University and she is currently a faculty member there.

Dr. Kalaycı has conferences, projects and more than forty articles published in national and international journals about teaching and learning processes, active teaching methods, higher order thinking skills, evaluation processes of teaching performance of academicians in higher education institutions, qualification in higher education, social gender equality education, curriculum and instruction. In addition, she has seven books and several columns about education published in several newspapers. Dr. Kalaycı provided fifty-hour training for educators via “VİTAMİN Teacher Portal”.

Dr. Kalaycı got state scholarship from China, Israel and Finland (two-times). She conducted long-termed research and studies at Indiana University and Purdue University in the USA via Fulbright scholarship and at Michigan State University via another scholarship. These studies are about adult education, theory and practice of multiple intelligences, curriculum and instruction, curriculum evaluation and social gender roles. Dr. Kalaycı is an activist on natural problems and animal enthusiast; and interested in movies.